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K-12 Teacher Professional Development

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PTEI also offers innovative curriculum materials, classroom resources, and workshops and special events to support teachers in their roles.

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TERMIS EU 2008, Porto, Portugal

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It was said...

"Like Whitaker Biomedical Research Grants, PTEI serves as an excellent seeding grant mechanism to help junior faculty to begin. This is one of the nice things I recall about Pittsburgh where I lived and worked for six years. Without it, I would not have gotten as far and I would have struggled more."

Yingtian Pan, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering, State University of New York at Stony Brook

PTEI is committed to providing middle and high school educators with opportunities to:

  1. Broaden their knowledge of science through regenerative medicine;
  2. Develop new pedagogical approaches to this highly interdisciplinary field;
  3. Participate in curriculum development utilizing a standards-based, hands-on, inquiry-based approach; and,
  4. Further disseminate this new information to fellow educators and students through a variety of school-based and professional association workshops.


STEM in Action Mini-Workshop Series 2012 for Teachers K – 12
Selected teachers must attend four mini-workshops
$100 Stipend • 12 Act 48 Hours 
Super STEMs will lead the way to STEM Careers for Boys & Girls

There is increased emphasis and a widely acknowledged, urgent need for improving and increasing science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills among our citizenry and students to navigate the modern world and access the opportunities it affords. The need for a more STEM literate workforce has been discussed in respected reports such as “Rising Above the Gathering Storm” from the National Academies. Data on the workforce show clear benefits of a STEM-related post secondary education in the current job market.

A wide number of programs targeting student populations have been introduced, and some with documented success. One obvious gap in efforts to increase the number of students entering STEM course tracks is help for the teachers, as the agents of change in student education, who are often left out of the process. The Pittsburgh Regional Center for Science Teachers (PRCST) has long integrated the value of STEM careers In the inter-disciplinary professional development opportunities provided K-12 teachers.

S-T-S (Science-Technology-Society) by Green Design was an early program that brought the engineering design process into program activities. Working with Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), engineering in science, along with early integration of “Green” environmental issues and solutions was built into all PRCST programs. And currently STS by Green Design is utilized as an instructional strategy for all programs.

The 2012 STEM Series provides sound basic information and continuing opportunities for teachers to visit sites where STEM careers are prominent. So often both teachers and students are given lists of STEM career possibilities. Yet there is little understanding of exactly how following a STEM track in school can lead to any specific career. The PRCST STEM program clarifies the range of opportunities and application of STEM skills in the workplace. Read more…

pdf STEM in Action Mini-Workshop Series 2012 Flyer


Regenerative Medicine: GROWING FUTURES IN STEM

2-Day MSC Teacher Summer PD Course (Act 48)
August 2 and 3, 2012

PTEI is partnering with the Math Science Collaborative (MSC) to engage teachers and students to the wonders of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine (TERM) – and spark interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) careers in their own backyard.

Description: A starfish can grow a new arm, but YOU can’t. A salamander can regenerate a severed leg, but humans have to rely on man-made prosthetic limbs. Can Pittsburgh’s researchers and clinicians fabricate new tissues and organs or induce damaged tissues to regenerate? Can K-12 STEM educators translate the promise of TERM to diverse student populations to reinforce learning and excite interest? Read more...

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“If a Starfish Can Grow a New Arm, Why Can’t I?”

Connecting TE to the Classroom
A PTEI/CSC/ASSET Partnership


ASSET will provide training opportunities for teachers who are interested in infusing Tissue Engineering education in their classrooms. By attending this professional development session, teachers will have an understanding of the content involved in Tissue Engineering in order to make the appropriate connections between the Carnegie Science Center exhibit and their classroom. Even if teachers are not ASSET district members, or decide not to attend the exhibit, the professional development will provide tools to begin making connections into their classrooms.

For additional information, please contact:
Deborah Spencer, ASSET Program Manager, dspencer@assetinc.org or
Sarah Chesney, ASSET Resource Teacher, schesney@assetinc.org
Office Phone: 412.481.7320

PDF ASSET Professional Development for Teachers
PDF See the ASSET Teachers as Students!

Through the Summer Research Experience, middle and high school teachers take part in an innovative 6-week summer program in which they work in a research laboratory at one of the region’s laboratories. Past participants have developed content for PTEI’s “Education Outreach Manual in Tissue Engineering”, planned workshops on a variety of professional development topics for their peers, and contributed in other ways to the advancement of PTEI’s educational goals.